Thursday, April 25, 2013

Treasured Thursday - Fifth Edition

It's Thursday again!  Feath & Kee were featured in five Etsy treasuries this week.

First up, Sunny Day Fund was included in two treasuries this week.

"Gift Guide Women Mothers Day Gifts on a Sunny Day"  By Candan of Candan Imrak,

Candan creates vibrante jewelry using lampwork beads that she creates herself.  There is not a lot to say beyond that - I think her work says it all.  I love the greens in this one.

Lampwork Necklace Fresh Green Neon Color from CandanImrak

 and "Sunny Days " by Sylvia from Sylvia Loves Pink.

Sylvia makes the neatest pouches and cute stuffed animals like the Harry Potter inspired one below.

Wizard Plush Character Owl from Sylvia Loves Pink


Hand Dyed Green Headband by Feath & Kee

 Hand Dyed Green Headband was included in the crisp "Green is my Favorite" by Sam from Catfriendo

Sam specializes in hand cut paper art.  Everything in her shop is so beautiful.  I had a had time choosing, but here is a feather for Feath.

Delicate Feather Paper-cut Scherenschnitte in Snow White from Catfriendo

"Paying it Forward" by Callie from The Whimsical Wodgelet.

Callie and her sister Missy make interesting jewelry.  I love their name and this piece.

Autumn Princess Necklace from The Whimsical Wodgelet

 Finally, Thank you by the team at Sadi Sweet Shop.

Clicking through their shop will make a full stomach rumble

German Chocolate Fudge from Sadi SweetShop
Check in tomorrow for my Ingenuity treasury picks.

-- Jessica

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