Thursday, April 4, 2013

Treasured Thursday - Second Edition

It's Thursday again!  Feath & Kee were featured in two great Etsy treasuries this week.

First up, Hand Dyed Green Headband with White Flower was included in the treasury

"Family matters"  By Diane of Muddy Waters Ceramic Creations.  

I am a huge fan of Diane's work, from one of a kind mugs, bowls, and tea sets, to my favorite piggy banks.  A great example of her work can be seen in the mug below.  The heart thumb rest just sets it apart.  Diane was recently interviewed for Ingenuity's blog, which you can read by clicking here.

Light Blue Coffee Mug with Heart Thumb Rest by Diane of Muddy Waters Ceramic Creations

Next, Rainy Day Fund 1 Painted Glass Jar in Blues with Rain Drops was included in the treasury "Polka Dot Lollipop" By Marilyn of Beach Sea Crafts.

  Clicking through the pages of Marilyn's shop is like taking a stroll on the beach.  I love her bracelets, earrings, and hand painted shells, like her Mermaid Conch Shell for example.
Mermaid Conch Shell by Marilyn of Beach Sea Crafts

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