Thursday, May 9, 2013

Treasured Thursday - Seventh Edition

The week is drawing to and end.  It is time once again for Treasured Thursday!  This week we were included in one treasury that was curated by Michele from Michelebuttons.

Hand Dyed Headband from Feath & Kee

This earthy headband was included in the treasury Unique Bird.  I love how the greens mingle together in the pom-pom.  It fit right it with the lovely finds in this collection.  I love the colors in this treasury and how each item seems to set it's neighbors off.

Unique Bird

Something that I love about being a part of Etsy, is that you get to discover so many talented people.  Michele happens to be one of those.  In her shop, Michelebuttons, she offers a great selection of her creations.  From fiber art to prints, this is a great place!

Anchor Tote from Michelebuttons
Indigo Dyed Bracelet from Michelebuttons

Cat Greeting Cards from Michelebuttons

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  1. I agree! Just browsing on Etsy you can come across such amazing artists, creating anything you could imagine. What fun! Michelebuttons on Etsy is full of great finds.