Thursday, June 6, 2013

Treasured Thursday - Eleventh Edition

Just when you think that you have it all figured out, you miss something.  I was checking out last week's Ingenuity Team Treasury Spotlight, when I noticed that one of our headbands had been included in a really neat treasury.  So there was this moment of "Yay!  Feath & Kee have been included in a great treasury!", then there was "Oh my goodness, how did this one slip by?!?!?!"

So here it is from last week, "Thoughts of an Ingenuity Summer" by T.J. and Mackenzie from ConstantMindJewelry.
"Thoughts of an Ingenuity Summer"
  T.J. and Mackenzie create and offer up very cool and original jewelry at their store ConstantMindJewelry.  Here are a couple of my favorites...
Steampunk Key Elephant pendant from ConstantMindJewelry

Charming Snail adjustable ring from ConstantMindJewelry
was featured in the treasury "Forever Grateful" by lunaessence from Lunaessence.

"Forever Grateful"

  LunaEssence is a place to find unique handmade jewelry and upcycled handbags.

Upcycled Tan and Brown Handbag from LunaEssence

Lapis Lazuli Pendant with Sterling Silver Chain from LunaEssence

Next, a headband was included in "2 for Summer" by Sukran from Knitter Princess.

"2 for Summer"

I love the creations that Sukran offers up at her store Knitter Princess.

Happy Chubby Chicks from Knitter Princess

Crochet Flower Shawl from Knitter Princess

Finally, Michele from Michele Buttons included a headband in her treasury "Summer Festival".

Hand Dyed Pink Headband with Vintage Button from Feath & Kee

"Summer Festival"

I am definitely a fan of Michele's work, which can be found at her shop, Michele Buttons.

Pink Jellyfish Note Cards from Michele Buttons

Cat Pillow Cover from Michele Buttons

-- Jessica

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