Thursday, June 20, 2013

Treasured Thursday - Thirteenth Edition

Da da da daaaa!  Welcome to Feath & Kee's Treasured Thursday..... # 13!  

Green and Yellow Polka Dot Money Jar from Feath & Kee

This money jar was included in the Etsy treasury "Black and Green" by Johanna and Elizabeth from Trellis Home Decor.

"Black and Green"

Elizabeth and Johanna have other established stores on Etsy which you can find here....

Elizabeth - Style and the City

Johanna - The Painted Canary  &  Flowers for Thought Bridal Boutique

They have teamed up to bring Trellis Home Decor to life.  Trellis Home Decor has a great selection of pillow covers and cute bookmarks.  Here are a few of my favorites....

Solid Blue and Hourglass Print set of 2 Pillow Covers from Trellis Home Decor

Yellow and Green Decorator Fabric Set of 2 Pillow Covers from Trellis Home Decor

Premium Cotton Pillow from Trellis Home Decor

Red Puffy Heart Bookmark from Trellis Home Decor

See you tomorrow for my Friday Finds....

-- Jessica

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