Thursday, September 12, 2013

Treasured Thursday - Twenty Third Edition

Feath & Kee were featured in a great Autumn-themed treasury this week.

Vintage Button Hand-dyed headband from Feath & Kee

This hand dyed headband was included in "Autumn Finds" by Diane from Muddy Waters Ceramic Creations.

'Autumn Finds' by muddywaterscc

Large Antique French Backgammon Chess Checkerboard with wooden chessmen and draught pieces - LadyNinaNana Honey bee bracelet, colourful leather spring bracelet in yellow and gold geometric hexagons - FushiaGold Collage, acorns, leaves, autumn, fall, oak,  8 x 10 Limited edition print 1/250 "Acorns and Leaves" - TammyOlson Vintage Shabby Chic Floral Wood Frame Home Decor - 4evrVintage
Retro Flower // retro-style cabochon earrings bronze, green, beige - 14 mm - boho earrings for girls, women - BelleAccessoires Colorblock Hair Bow - Large Fabric Hair Bow : Upcycled Cotton in Olive Yellow Rust and Brown on Hair accessory of your choice Eco Friendly - SewEcological Chicken Flamingo - handmade, garden art sculpture created from a recycled plastic flamingo. - CedarMoon Original Painting.  Acrylic on Canvas. Bird painting. Woodland. Mini Canvas Art. - almondtreeart
Scars- Heart Carved Tree - Tree Carving Painting Print - Tree Print -  8.5 x11"  Art Print of Original Painting - Michelebuttons Vintage Button Flower Headband - Green and Reddish Brown handmade soft lightweight Summer Fall baby girl hand dyed - FeathandKee Gold Beaded Wire Choker Necklace with Blue Green Gold Amber Beads - TheKnottyNeedle Hand-marbled page from The Chatterbox: Red Deer - LosingHerMarbles
Quilted Wall Hanging - Butterfly Wall Quilt - PatsysPatchwork Octopus Necklace, Cephalopod Art Pendant, Octopus Jewelry, Steampunk Octopus Necklace (282) - FrenchHoney SALE - Mini Sage Soft Leather Journal - TheFirstKiss Pumpkin Scented Soap / Bathroom Decor / Primitive Home Decor - SoapForYourSoul

If you keep track of my posts, you will know that I am a huge fan of Muddy Waters Ceramic Creations.  My fellow Ingenuity Team leader Diane lends a whimsical touch to her creations, breathing magic into everyday items.  You can like Muddy Waters Ceramic Creations on Facebook (here) to get a look at behind the scenes process, and a first look at her latest creations.

Here are some of my favorites... okay, everything in her shop is a favorite, but here are a few. :)
Dark Orange Pumpkin Jar From Muddy Waters Ceramic Creations

Apple Jar From Muddy Waters Ceramic Creations

Cat Silhouette Nesting Bowls From Muddy Waters Ceramic Creations