Thursday, November 14, 2013

Halloween ReCap ... Finally!

It is not possible to put Halloween 2013 away with out a recap of this year's handmade costumes.  I asked Feather what she wanted to be.  At almost 10, I am not sure how much longer she is going to let me do this, so whatever she wants to be, I try to make it.  Last year it was Yogi Bear and Keela was Boo Boo. They were really cute, but with our Texas weather, the costumes themselves were not exactly appropriate.  They made it through the town's Halloween parade, without succumbing to heat stroke, but still....  I am of the belief that the ultimate costume above all has to be fun to wear, or it just defeats the purpose.

So when Feather informed me this year that she and Keela would be bats, I set about trying to figure out the best way to go about this.  I stumbled upon another Texas mom, Dana, who tackled this a couple of years ago.  Check out her blog here.  With a simple cape and hood, you have your costume.  This worked out great for us.  If it was hot we could do short sleeves, cold, we could switch to long.

My learning experience here, is that when working with poly satin, it really does make a difference on how you cut the fabric.  Also, while making your pattern on the computer and printing can simplfy things, make sure that you lock in the scale when you enlarge it. :)  Did this with Keela's and did not with Feather's.  My life would have been a whole lot easier had I kept everything to scale (Thank you Bryan for helping me put the crazy/weird pattern together!).  Although I am sure all of you already know that.  All in all, I had a lot of fun sewing these, and the girls love them.  Even though when Keela saw Feather's hood for the first time she ran away saying that she was "scared of the purple pig". lol

I will stop blathering and get on to the pictures...  These were taken as soon as they were finished.  For Halloween, they wore black and pink clothes with the capes and hoods.

-- Jessica

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  1. These turned out great! Love the girly colors :) Thanks for sharing with me!
    - Dana