Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Update on shop & Inspiration when you least expect it...

Things are running along at a somewhat frenetic pace.  I always seem to running on at least two different tracks of time.  Normal time, and then there is Mom time. :)  There are days when I am amazed at how much I am able to cram into 24 measly hours, then there are others...  Yes, those days where it takes hours to paint 12 tiny wooden blocks, homework is checked, dinner is eaten at in a high speed panic rush.  Nevertheless, two and nine (almost ten) are really fun ages, that I am trying to enjoy as much as possible, and if that means it takes a week to finish a project, so be it!  That said, I am really excited about the results of the past several days, and a little amazed at how fast things are moving along.  Previews should be showing up either on here, or Facebook soon!

As Bryan and I are developing and making new items, I have really been trying to decide if I want to continue making headbands.  I happened to notice one day that my friend Crystal, who happens to be an awesome photographer was looking for headbands...  This kicked off a flurry of activity. In between trying to put together something that would work well for her photo shoot, and seeing the results, I was just really inspired, so be on the look out for a new collection of headbands when Feath & Kee reopens.

If you are in the North Texas area, and are interested in portraits, I highly recommend Photography by Crystal Stewart.  You can find her on Facebook, and Zenfolio.

Here are the headband pictures... Such a precious angel!

 These are some of my favorites...

Untitled by Photography by Crystal Stewart
Untitled by Photography by Crystal Stewart
Untitled by Photography by Crystal Stewart

Untitled by Photography by Crystal Stewart

I could keep going here, but I will stop and send you to check out her albums.

-- Jessica

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  1. Love the new headbands! Inspiration is a wonderful thing- wishing you all the best! Jennifer