Saturday, October 4, 2014

Goodbye to Summer...

tomato plants!  
By the calender, it is officially Fall.  Weather wise, it still feels more like you would wish Summer to be.  The temperature has finally dropped enough to where you can really enjoy being outside.  We did attempt a garden this year.  Maybe a bit insane, considering that we are in the middle of a severe drought and do not have a well.  I did learn from this that if you have even a minimal water collection set up in place, it is possible to take care of your outside watering needs (especially if you are not in a drought stricken area) without having to rely on outside water.  

Baby Basil and Dill plants
We have 55 gallon barrels set out in places where the most water drains off of the roof.  On days that we were lucky enough to be at home when it did rain, every container that we could find was filled up.  Needless to say, my appreciation for water has greatly increased.  

I will not jump up on my environmental soap box and tap dance, but any precautions that can be taken to keep our fresh water supply uncontaminated and clean is of utmost importance.  

Roma Tomatos
So, although it was not a life changing success, and none of our pumpkins survived, I think we did enjoy this year's garden.  It was a 4' x 8' raised bed.  We built it from old bricks, and filled it with compost and saw dust.  The pest control employed, was a cinnamon/chili powder / water mixture that we sprayed on the leaves, and then picking the worst bugs off.  I also planted peppermint, and marigolds.

Early Days!  The area close to the shop had Zinnas, Marigolds, and Pumpkins
 The girls have decided that they both want to be Micheal Jackson for Halloween.  How to pull this off correctly?  Is it even possible?  We are going to attempt the Billie Jean look with the sequined jacket and fedora.  I have drafted the patterns for the jackets, and done the muslin for both that turned out well, especially since it was my first time to do sleeves and I was really intimidated.

Pumpkin and Squash plants

Of course it is possible that Kee will decide that she wants to be Elsa at the last minute. I do not have a pattern on paper yet, but it is in the works.

-- Jessica

Friday, June 13, 2014

What's going on? Home Construction 101

Summer is here!  Thankfully, the weather here has been kind so far.  We have even gotten a little bit of rain!  The wind continues to blow almost everyday.  This is not something that I remember as being a normal thing in this part of Texas until a few years ago.

I thought that I would share the "house" that the girls built one windy day this Spring.  Their creativity and imaginations are a constant inspiration...  

The house that Feath built....

See, this is the wind I am talking about in action....

It blew the back off of their house, and almost carried Miss Kee away.

Of course then later on, a storm popped up that had enormous hail stones.  Bryan got to go out and take down the house with all of this coming down so that he could move the car into the barn.  

Work on new and existing projects continues.  Definitely not as fast as I would like :), but we are having a lot of fun a long the way. Check out this post to see some of the recent additions to our Etsy shop.

 -- Jessica

Saturday, May 31, 2014

New Arrivals!

We have new arrivals in our Etsy shop!

I am excited about our completely new tree organizers.  We always seem to have tons of hair paraphernalia laying around.  A while back, Bryan made one for me out of recycled materials that I love.  Since then, he has played around with different designs and prototypes.  The trees are a product of this.  Right now, we have two different types.  One that is made from wood, the other has a wood base and twisted wire makes up the actual tree.

These are just a great organizing solution.  You can keep them on a table top or dresser and just hang your jewelry, keys, or hair things on them.  This minimizes clutter, and helps you find what you need quickly.

The "Spiral Tree"  is made completely from wood, it has been finished with linseed oil, and features a burned in spiral.  The base measures 6" x 5 " and it is approximately 11.5" tall.

Wooden "Spiral" Tree Organizer from Feath & Kee

Wooden "Spiral" Tree Organizer from Feath & Kee

This next tree has the same measurements as above, its only real difference, is that it has been hand painted with acrylic paint and sealed with a coat of polyurethane.  I think of it as the "Flower Tree".

"Flower Tree" Hand Painted Organizer from Feath & Kee

"Flower Tree" Hand Painted Organizer from Feath & Kee

I really like the "Wire Tree"  you can bend and move its limbs.  It is made from 100% recycled materials.  The wire is recycled baling wire, and the base is made from recycled oak.  The wire has been painted copper,  and the base has been left to it's own natural beauty with a linseed oil finish.  The base measures 5" x 4" and and the height is about 8.5".

"Wire Tree" Organizer from Feath & Kee

"Wire Tree" Organizer from Feath & Kee

All of this wood working produces scraps, and you know what I do with these :).  All of the following earrings have been sanded shaped, have hand burned designs, and are finished with linseed oil.  They all have stainless steel posts.  To create the designs, I literally bent a piece of metal, heated it with a torch, and burned the design in free hand.  So they are definitely one of a kind.  This is not a fancy exotic wood, but I believe that its beauty speaks for itself.

Triangle Earrings from Feath & Kee

Sunburst Upcycled Earrings from Feath & Kee

Delicate Recycled Wood Leaf Earrings from Feath & Kee

Leaf Earrings from Feath & Kee

"Shot Through the Heart" Earrings from Feath & Kee

ReCycled Wood Heart Earrings from Feath & Kee

I almost forgot this pair of painted square earrings.  They are a bright electric blue.

Recycled Wood Earrings from Feath & Kee

Well, that is it for now.  There are so many different plans and designs in the works.  I hope that I am able to share more with you soon!  Also, I love the new logo that Bryan has designed :).  Let us know what you think about the new look.

-- Jessica

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Treasured Thursday - Forty-fifth Edition

Hello Thursday!  We have gotten quite a bit of rain here recently, it is really feeling like Spring.  Due to just being crazy busy, I am going to put my Treasured Thursday posts on a bit of hiatus for the time being.  I will miss sharing all of the awesome treasuries and shops every week, but I will still continue to promote these through Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.  Also stay tuned here, as I plan to post updates (hopefully) regularly on what's going on behind the scenes at Feath & Kee.  Of all the week's to go out on vacation, this is one.  Feath & Kee were featured in nine great  Etsy treasuries this week.

Ruby Red Slipper Fund from Feath & Kee

This Ruby Red Slipper Fund was included in "My Piggy Smiles" by Jenny from Etsy Shop Secrets.

Painted Wood Earrings from Feath & Kee

These earrings were included in "Spring is here" by Eyal from Eyal's Home Wood Decoration.  They were also included in "Warming" by Roy from JUDtlv.

Black and Teal Earrings from Feath & Kee

These black and teal earrings were included in "Enter And Be Welcomed Back" by Ross from Ross Handcrafted Pens.  Yvette from Credo Art Print included them in "Minimalistic!"

Re-Cycled Wood Earrings from Feath & Kee 

These painted cube earrings made from recycled wood were included in "Pretties for all" by Kate from Pieces of Home Mosaics.

Green Rectangle Earrings from Feath & Kee

These green rectangles were included in "Just for Fun" by Donna from The Snap Dragon's Lair.

Green Squares from Feath & Kee

Kristy from Scratch Made included these green square earrings in "Lemons and Limes and Greens and Yellows".

Black Flower Headband with Vintage Button from Feath & Kee

Megan from Cloud Hunter Co. included this headband in her treasury for this week's Inspiration Challenge treasury for Ingenuity Team "Not All Who Wander Are Lost".

Psyched about opening your Etsy shop, but not sure where to start?  Jenny from Etsy Shop Secrets has two guides to help you get started and to help navigate the great mystery of breaking out on the Etsy Scene.

Focusing on recycled wood, Eyal's Home Wood Decoration has some great items for your home.

Recycled Wood Bottle Opener from Eyal's Home Wood Decoration

Wood Planter from Eyal's Wood Home Decoration

Set of 3 Succulent Planters from Eyal's Home Wood Decoration

JUDtlv puts an emphasis on locally sourced and recycled materials in their designs.

Brown Leather Spherical Wallet from JUDtlv

Cotton Mesh Backpack from JUDtlv

Leather Envelope Clutch from JUDtlv

I never know what I am going to see next at Ross Handcrafted Pens !

Combination Stylus and Ball Point Pen from Ross Handcrafted Pens

Perfume Applicator from Ross Handcrafted Pens

Stylus made with Black Limba Wood from Ross Handcrafted Pens

Kate always has great finds in both of her shops Pieces of Home Mosaics, and Fancy That Fusion.

Blue and Pink Glass Mosaic Key Chain from Pieces of Home Mosaics

Hematite Red Fused Glass Ring from Pieces of Home Mosaics

Mosaic Blue Vinegar Bottle from Pieces of Home Mosaics

The Snap Dragon's Lair is a treasure trove of vintage finds.  Until April 21st, Donna is offering a 10% discount on all non-jewelry purchases using the coupon code SNOWBIRD.

Juice Reamer from The Snap Dragon's Lair

Vintage Milk Glass Ruffled Top Bowl from The Snap Dragon's Lair

Rare Green Roseville Pottery Snowberry from The Snap Dragon's Lair

At Scratch Made, Kristy has tons of supplies for those of you who would prefer to use recycled items in your crafting projects, but are short on the time needed to prep the materials.

100 Paper Board Tags from Scratch Made

Vegan Laundry Detergent from Scratch Made

Recycled T-shirt Yarn Ball from Scratch Made

Credo Art Print provides a solution for your interior decorating needs.  Their vinyl decals let you customize your space without the commitment involved with paint.

Bamboo Tree Decals from Credo Art Print

Blooming Branch with Bird Decal from Credo Art Print

Personalized Kid's Border from Credo Art Print

We will close today with gorgeous  bedding from Cloud Hunter Co., and a bright happy pillow made from a vintage scarf to keep everyone from being upset about not being able to not go take a nap.

Velvet Designer Bedding from Cloud Hunter Co.

French Country Bedding from Cloud Hunter Co.

Vintage Scarf Up-cycled Pillow from Cloud Hunter Co.

So that is that for now.  I would like to say a huge (thank you!!) to Craft Cult.  Their treasury widget and a little bit on fanangling on my part has made it possible to see these awesome treasuries that Feath & Kee have been included in for the past couple of weeks.  Up until a couple of weeks ago, Stylish Home's treasury tool was my go to, but for some reason this and any of the other treasury posting tools that I was able to find are not working - hence my fanangling.

Have a great week!