Thursday, March 27, 2014

Treasured Thursday Forty-third Edition Part II (Ingenuity Team Scavenger Hunt!)

The Scavenger Hunt game is my favorite Etsy treasury game that we play at Ingenuity!  Each week, the featured shop selects a winning treasury.  Then, the winning shop creates a list of fifteen words.  In order to participate, you have to select one item from the featured shop, and then find items for the other words.  In addition to the featured shop, five of the items must come from Ingenuity Team members.  The rest can come from other Etsy shops.  This is a lot of fun!  The featured shop last week, Sew Cro Co., selected my treasury "Scavenger Hunt 3-16-14" as the winner.

Inspired by Spring, here is my list ....

1. Spring
2. Renewal
3. Fresh
4. Green
5. Earth
6. Garden
7. Lamb
8. Rain
9. Light
10. Umbrella
11. Boots
12. Bunny
13. Warmth
14. Joy
15. Warmth

Now for the treasuries...

Rainy Day Fund from Feath & Kee

Diane from Muddy Waters Ceramic Creations selected Rainy Day Fund for her treasury "Finding Spring".  Cassie from CassieVision included it in "Spring Fresh".

Wooden Cube Earrings from Feath & Kee

These earrings were included in "Spring Renewal" by Diane from Muddy Waters Ceramic Creations.

Glitter Green Earrings from Feath & Kee

Krystal and Mark from The Roaming Peddlers chose these earrings made from recycled wood for "Spring Dreams".

Hand Dyed Headband with Vintage Button from Feath & Kee

This headband was included in "Spring Loving" by Angelique from MindHarvest.

I love it when someone is able to take an everyday item and with care and creativity turn it into something that will bring the user a little gift of joy each time they use it. Diane does just this with her items at Muddy Waters Ceramic Creations.

"Max" Light Brown Dog Soap Holder from Muddy Waters Ceramic Creations

Deep Firebrick, Lidded Jar from Muddy Waters Ceramic Creations

Orange Citrus Juicer with Pitcher from Muddy Waters Ceramic Creations

Eggshell Tea Seat with Bird Knob from Muddy Waters Ceramic Creations

Golden Jar with Leaves from Muddy Waters Ceramic Creations

Sunflower Trinket Jar from Muddy Waters Ceramic Creations

Chicken Egg White Separator - Choose One from Muddy Waters Ceramic Creations

The Roaming Peddlers offer up handmade creations that you would expect to find in a story book.  Perfect for young imaginations and the young at heart!  Catch them at the Lavender Daze Festival July 19 - 20.

Lavender Plush Unicorn from The Roaming Peddlers

Set of Two Flaming Swords from The Roaming Peddlers

Green Dragon from The Roaming Peddlers

Ready to ship - Clydesdale Pony from The Roaming Peddlers

CassieVision has a wonderful selection of handcrafted items that I am happy to share with you today!

Protective Peridot Bracelet from CassieVision

Freshwater Pearls - Set of 2 Made to Order Bobby Pins from CassieVision

Set of 5 Mint Green Bobby Pins from CassieVision

Pink Agate Window Charm from Cassie Vision

MindHarvest has an awesome selection of T-shirts!  Here are just a few of my favorites....

 Astro Kitty Shirt from MindHarvest

"Tricks? Not This Kid" shirt from MindHarvest

Stop Wars Shirt from MindHarvest

Bunny Shadow Shirt from MindHarvest

See you next week!

-- Jessica

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