Friday, June 13, 2014

What's going on? Home Construction 101

Summer is here!  Thankfully, the weather here has been kind so far.  We have even gotten a little bit of rain!  The wind continues to blow almost everyday.  This is not something that I remember as being a normal thing in this part of Texas until a few years ago.

I thought that I would share the "house" that the girls built one windy day this Spring.  Their creativity and imaginations are a constant inspiration...  

The house that Feath built....

See, this is the wind I am talking about in action....

It blew the back off of their house, and almost carried Miss Kee away.

Of course then later on, a storm popped up that had enormous hail stones.  Bryan got to go out and take down the house with all of this coming down so that he could move the car into the barn.  

Work on new and existing projects continues.  Definitely not as fast as I would like :), but we are having a lot of fun a long the way. Check out this post to see some of the recent additions to our Etsy shop.

 -- Jessica

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