Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Elsa Costume

Had to have blue eye shadow and braid :)
Keela loves the movie Frozen, and Elsa is her favorite character.  This costume brewed for a while in my mind.  Miss Kee was consulted on the style.. poofy skirt or not etc. etc.. Then, the fabric was purchased, and then it sat....and sat... until finally, Bryan and I purchased one of her Christmas presents from a fellow Etsy seller, Punkin and Me Bowhouse.

With an Elsa tiara on the way, it was time for mom to get busy!  To make the pattern, I just used a roll of brown kraft paper.  I had decided to keep the bodice and skirt separate, so I traced out pieces for a round skirt first.  Then, for the bodice, I tucked the sleeves into one of Kee's t-shirts and just traced around it.  I just kind of guessed on the sleeves, tracing them out and then making sure the paper pieces matched up okay.

The only tricky part was sewing the material for the top part of the bodice and sleeves.  I have had to go back and fix a few spots that have started to fray.  I think that mastering poly-satin and similar fabrics are definitely on the horizon for me!

A few layers of tulle added the requested "poof" to the skirt.  I found the easiest way to go about this was to first line up the layers and attach them together with a single thread by hand.  Then sewed them into the waist.  The next time I make one of these, I will try to take pictures for a tutorial.

Originally, I had planned to add applique snowflakes and glitter, but ended up just keeping it simple with a few ribbons.  Now, that the new Cinderella movie is out, I am glad that I left it so simple.  She can just as easily be Cinderella as well as Elsa depending on her mood.

Her crown I am thrilled to report has held up against considerable wear and tear since Christmas.  I highly recommend Punkin and Me Bow House.  The owner is very professional, and her work is excellent!

Here are a few pictures...."Queen Elsa" was not too interested in holding still...

A better view of the tiara...

Action shots!!!!

-- Jess

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