Saturday, May 23, 2015

Tornados, Clouds, and Water Everywhere!

Normally when I write about the weather here, it is about the heat and lack of rain. For the past two years, you could not go far around here without seeing "Pray For Rain" signs.

Having enough drinking water to get through the Summer was a very real worry only a month ago. 

The weather of the past few weeks has been a dream, at least for me. I thought that I would share some of the pictures that I've taken. There were days when the radar would look fairly clear, but a couple of hours later you might be dodging tornadoes.

This has made for beautiful skies.  I am not sure if our exact drought status as I write this, but most of our lakes are either at capacity, or rapidly filling.

A Rainy Day - Late April 2015

Lake Graham - Graham Texas May 9, 2015
Right after I took this, a tornado warning was issued.

Same storm, May 9, 2015 Between Graham and Newcastle, TX

After this one, it started raining and hailing so hard, you could barely see the road.  Was thankful to get past the storm and see this...

Double Rainbow May 9, 2015 Newcastle, Texas

I love storms, and with the drought, each one is something to really appreciate.  It has continued to rain and storm. This was our backyard last week...

Feather enjoying the flooding...

I had to go to Wichita Falls (the big city) last week.  This was close to the Little Wichita River.

Flooding Between Archer City and Wichita Falls Texas May 22, 2015

There were places where logs were stuck in fences.  I do not remember seeing this much water around here in a very long time.  

-- Jess

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I love weather news :) Glad you are getting the needed rain!