Saturday, June 6, 2015

2015 Spring Planting

Rosemary and Chives outside the Shop Spring 2015

When we started planting this year's garden, it felt a little bit like a fool's errand, but Bryan and I have to grow things.  It might be a few plants in pots, or I might get a little carried away and we end up with way too many plants and flowers to try and keep alive.

Last Year's Raised Bed

Thankfully we have continued to add to thecompost pile, so there was plenty of compost to add to last year's raised bed.

Putting in the Soaker Hose

Even after Bryan rigged a pump system for us to use to get water from the rain barrels to the garden, just the simple act of watering our little plot was really time consuming.  This year we went with a soaker hose.

"Volunteer" Tomato Plants with the Onions

Last year, we waited until after everything had started growing to add mulch and covering.  That turned out to be a nightmare, so as soon as we had the soaker hose in place, we put down the plastic.

Pumpkin and Eggplant Seedlings

Bryan added a few more things here and there...

Maybe this will be the year we will have our own pumpkins!

Everything is starting to grow!

We have had so much rain, we've only had to water a few times. The soaker hose was definetely worth the trouble! We just have to drop our pump into a rain barrel, and turn every thing on. 

Kee with the Seedlings

I think Keela had a lot of fun playing with the seedlings.  We had to talk her into letting us plant them!

Bryan's Cactus 

A couple of year's ago, Bryan dug up a cactus plant.  This year it finally bloomed.  It needs a bigger pot, but I think I will let Bryan take care of that!

I'll try to post an update later on when everything takes off.

-- Jess

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