Thursday, July 2, 2015

How to Wear it Wednesday!

It is amazing how fast this Summer is flying along! Today is the inaugural post of What to Wear Wednesday.  The idea for this is inspired by Polyvore - if you have not heard of this, think of it as a Pinterest for fashion and decor.  To be honest I am still learning my way, but I love being able to match up items that we make with different items that I could see them being used for or worn with.

This visualization is such a fundamental part of my personal process. From a piece of scrap metal that needs to be a base for a table top that will tie someone's room together to imagining how a pair of earrings will complete a total stranger's outfit.

So I am hoping to make this a weekly post.  I plan to only include other items that are handmade, with the possibility of some vintage where appropriate.

Just in time to celebrate the United States' birthday, here we go!

Red Glitter Cube Studs from Feath and Kee

Today's set is inspired by our sparkly red cube studs, then added with everything that you might need for a day at the beach or lake followed with an evening of fireworks.

Keyhole Bandueau Bikini from Harajuku

This navy bikini is made to order by JoEllen in Los Angeles.  Find this and her other creations at her shop Harajuku.

Linen Piano Fold Dress from annyschooecoclothing

Cover up with this gorgeous dress from annyschooecoclothing.  It is made from cotton and linen in Boulder, Colorado.

Leather Thong Sandals from AmberRae Sandals

These leather thong sandals feature a turquoise rivet with a vibram sole.  They are made in Austin, Texas.  Find them at AmberRae Sandals.

Sunscreen Stick from On Hand Lotions

Protect your skin with this SPF 35 organic sunscreen.  It is made with organic ingredients in Bristol, New York.  Find it and other items to pamper yourself at On Hand Lotions.

Bamboo Shades from Shades of Bamboo

Banish the sun's glare with these sunglasses from Shades of Bamboo.  They are made from eco-friendly bamboo in Burlington, Vermont.

Navy Beach Bag from BOLD by Tina

When you are on the go, it is really nice to have one bag that you can throw everything in.  This tote from BOLD by Tina fits the bill nicely.  It is handmade in Enfield, Connecticut.

Wide Brim Straw Hat from Bonnet

Top everything off with this lightweight, feminine hat from Bonnet in Portland, Oregon.

Primitive Rag Quilt from Kristin's Country Home

Finally, you have made it through the day, and it is time to kick back under the stars and watch fireworks!  This lovely quilt from Kristin's Country Home in Sewell, New Jersey is just right.

Although I am looking forward to sharing creations from around the world with you.  However, this week, I featured only items made by hand in the United States.

-- Jessica

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