Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How to Wear it Wednesday 08.26.15

Here at Feath & Kee, we have made it half way through the first week of school.  With Fall and the cooler temperatures just around the corner, I decided to put together an outfit that would work well with early Autumn in North Texas, (or just about anywhere, but the weather can be really unpredictable here).

Recycled Wood Earrings from Feath & Kee

So the inspiration item for this week, is this pair of earrings from our shop.  They are made from recycled wood, and are painted with acrylic paint.  The sides and back are teal, and the fronts have a shimmery, metallic copper.

Custom Button Fly Jeans from Garbedge Designs

So finding just the right pair of jeans can be really difficult.  These handmade jeans from Garbedge Designs are made custom to your measurements!

Moccasin Boots from Holy Cow Products
Handmade, Hand Printed Crop Top from I Heart Fink

Tuck your custom, handmade jeans into these leather moccasins from Holy Cow Products. They have a rubber sole and were cut, punched, and sewn all by hand.

This handmade crop top from I Heart Fink is made from fabric that the designer hand printed from her own original artwork.

Agate Hemp Necklace from Creative Earth Jeweler

So, take hand tied hemp, czech glass, coconut shell, black matte beads, and one gorgeous African Agate pendant. What do you have? A beautiful one of a kind necklace!  Get it at Creative Earth Jeweler.

Cape from RebelliousBella

This wool-blend cape from RebelliousBella is trimmed in faux leather, and will work great on those chilly mornings, and cool evenings.

Things usually seem to get a little hectic in Autumn.  Not sure if it is back to school, or the cooler weather meaning that us weak humans are able to move a little faster or what, but everyone is constantly on the go.  One of the reasons that I love this upcycled burlap tote from Back Alley Chic (in addition to the fun Star Trek lining), is that is roomy enough to just through everything in and go.

Semicolon Bracelet from Charmed by Cindi

I love this bracelet from Charmed by Cindi.  No matter what you might be going through, your story is definitely not over, but just a chapter. Enjoy it, learn, and live it!  Sometimes it can help to have a reminder, and this one is lovely.

That is it for this week. :)

-- Jessica

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How to Wear it Wednesday 8.19.15

This week, many students headed back to the classroom.  We are enjoying our last week of "freedom".  So, one more back to school post!

Tree Organizer from Feath & Kee

My inspiration item this week is this organizer from our shop.  It is made from wood, and hand painted.  The tree branches are so handy for jewelry, and hair things.

Screen Printed Tee from Sun Frog Shirts

Show your support for pet adoption with this screen-printed t-shirt from Sun Frog Shirts.

Women's Skinny Jeans from Dress to Undress Denim

Handmade in the UK from ethically sourced denim and recycled fabric, these cute high-waisted jeans can be found at Dress to Undress Denim.

Memory Locket from CassieVision

I love bees, and this memory locket from CassieVision is adorable!

Handmade Shoes from Vogas Barcelona

These unique shoes from Vogas Barcelona are made from canvas, natural rubber and jute.

Headband from Bub + Bug Studio

The frayed silk bow on this headband from Bub + Bug Studio adds a nice touch.

USB Mini Figure from DFX LegoMinifigs

Wonder Woman!! This neat flashdrive mini figure from DFX Lego Minifigs is available in 8gb, 16 gb, 32 gb, and 64 gb.

Backpack from InnesBags

Tote your things around in style with this durable backpack from InnesBags.  It is made from leather and waxed canvas.

See you next week!

-- Jessica

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How to Wear it Wednesday 08.12.15

So, who would like to guess what today's theme is?  I have to say, there are a lot of really neat Wizard of Oz inspired finds on Etsy.  The inspiration item from our shop was the Ruby Red Slipper Fund.  Then, I couldn't help but throw in our glittery cube earrings.

Ruby Red Slipper Fund, Money Jar from Feath & Kee

Everyone needs their own pair of ruby red slippers.  This money jar was made from a recycled spaghetti sauce jar.

Cube Earrings from Feath & Kee

These sparkly earrings are made of recycled wood from our shop.

Silk Screened Shirt From Skip n' Whistle

I love this fun shirt from Skip N' Whistle.  It is printed with eco-friendly ink.

Victorian City Skirt from Carousel Ink

This interesting skirt was brought to life in Nashville, Tennessee.  It is handmade, and printed with water-based ink.  Find it at Carousel Ink.

Classic Tights from Hold Me Tights

It is still in the 100's here in Texas, but I know that the chilly weather is right around the corner!  These micro fiber tights from Hold Me Tights should keep you warm!

Wizard of Oz bag from Lila-Jo

It can be really difficult to balance cuteness, without going over board sometimes.  This purse from Lila-Jo is just right on the money!

Compass Necklace from Just Be Designs

This neat necklace from Just Be Designs has a compass on the other side to help you find your way home!

Charm Bracelet from Blackberry Designs Jewelry

This delightful charm bracelet from Blackberry Designs is made from stainless steel, sterling silver, pewter, Swarovski elements, and crystals.

Wicked Witch Bookmark from myBookmark

This bookmark from MyBookmark would make a great gift.

Wizard of Oz Ruby Red High Heels from STEAMHATTER

These custom ruby red heels from STEAMHATTERare a work of art!

See you next week!

-- Jessica

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How to Wear it Wednesday 8.05.15

It is impossible to ignore.  Most stores were already packing up Summer merchandise Fourth of July weekend to make room for... Back to School!!  Yes, it is the season of madly searching for that one color of folder that is on the list, but somehow is the one color that the stores are not carrying this year.  To tell you the truth, I am a little bit frightened. If a jumbo book cover is the same as large, then we are all set.  If it is not, then luckily I am in possession of a lovely sewing machine and a couple of bottles of fabric glue.  Alterations are no problem in this house!

This week, I had a little bit of guidance from Miss Kee.  We picked out a few back to school necessities.  All of these items are handmade.  A headband from our shop is featured, but this week, the outfit is built around the lovely gold dress that Kee fell in love with.

Upcycled Headband from Feath & Kee

The bow for this headband is made from recycled fabric.  I dyed the nylon that the headband is made from to achieve a shade that can not be easily duplicated.  The end result is a one of a kind headband in Pantone's color of the year for 2015, Marsala.

Gold Sequin Dress from Rag Robes Collection

So when Kee was helping me find an outfit, she saw this dress, and that was the end of the story.  This gorgeous dress from Rag Robes Collection will make even the most glamorous little girl happy.

Ruffled Tights from She Runs Like a Girl

Custom made, and available in capri or ankle lengths, these ruffle tights from She Runs Like a Girl are so cute!

Handmade Leather Shoes from Li'l Aussie Shoe Co.

These awesome shoes from Li'l Aussie Shoe Co. have soles made from vibram rubber for flexibility and durability.  They are custom made, and you can even choose the thickness of the sole when you place your order.

Alpaca Coat from Acurruca

Oh so soft!  This coat from Acurruca is made from 100 % natural Alpaca wool.  It is custom made to order, and you can request different shades.

Sandwich Wrap from Pipsqueaksbags

This adorable sandwich wrap from Pipsqueaks Bags combines eco-friendly and cuteness.  It also doubles as a place mat once it is unfolded.

Insulated Lunch Bag from Carried Away Bags

Adorable and functional, this lunch bag from Carried Away Bags has plenty of room for your wrapped up sandwich and lunchtime snacks.

Recycled Crayons from Blue Bird Sews

These recycled crayons from Blue Bird Sews are sure to be a favorite!  They come in their own hand sewn carry bag.

Small Backpack from Creatures of Delight

Last, but certainly not least, this sweet little guy is perfect for toting essentials to and from school in style.  Each backpack is handmade with latex and rubberized canvas.  The artist signs each one.  Find him at Creatures of Delight.

I hope that everyone enjoys these last few precious weeks of Summer.  See you next week!

-- Jessica