Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How to Wear it Wednesday 9.23.2015

It's officially Fall! Which means that it has cooled off enough here in Texas to the point that frying an egg on the asphalt might take you awhile.  I love the bright colors of this week's outfit. Just right for a not too hot day.

Pink Glitter Earrings from Feath & Kee

This week, I chose a pair of pink earrings from our shop.  Made from recycled wood, they are light weight. A coat of glitter paint gives them sparkle.  They are truly one of a kind.  I could make a similar pair, but the wood is shaped and sanded by hand.  Each individual earring is going to be a little different.

Multi-Color Leaf Pins from Cassie Vision

Continuting with color, this set of ten hair pins from CassieVision will add little pops of color in your hair.  The beads are made from howlite and wood.

Pineapple Flowers Dress from Flytrap

Combining comfort and style, this T-Shirt dress from Flytrap features their popular Pineapple Flower Print.

Crochet Rug from Sensational Yarn

I just love the pattern and colors in this crochet rug from Sensational Yarn. It is made from rough spun acrylic, making it durable.

Ryder Leggings from Myth of the West

The Ryder leggings from Myth of the West are hand dyed and made from a wool nylon blend.

Mosaic Silverware Bracelet from Pieces of Home Mosaics

A piece of stainless steel flatware serves as the base for this pretty stained glass mosaic bracelet from Pieces of Home Mosaics.

Woman's Ankle Boots from Pollacki by Adam Kuty

Rounding out this week's post, these handmade boots from Pollacki by Adam Kuty have a vibram sole and are made from hand dyed leather.

See how to wear it next week!

-- Jessica

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