Wednesday, January 20, 2016

How to Wear it Wednesday 1.20.2016

With Valentine's Day around the corner, this week's How to Wear it post is based around gift ideas for him.

Recycled Wood Phone Stand from Feath & Kee

From our shop, this phone stand is made from reclaimed wood that came out of a local church that was being remodeled.  It has a linseed oil finish and will accommodate just about every size phone.

Vintage Remington Pocket Knife from More the Buckles

The only vintage item in this week's post, this vintage Remington pocket knife is from the 1930's to 1920's.  Find it at More the Buckles.  I love the patina of the handle, and simply could not resist adding it!

Handmade Leather Boots from Noble Shoes

This pair of boots from Noble Soles are custom made from 100% cowhide with Vibram soles. They make one pair at a time to focus on creating shoes that truly fit the individual wearer's feet.

Wooden Watch from Woodman Watches

This watch from Woodman Watches is made from individual pieces of Zebra Wood.  It features Citizen movement.  Since it is made from wood, it is very light weight and hypo-allergenic.

Handmade Oxford from Faithlyn Melvage Designs

Great for Star Trek fans, or for anyone that appreciates something a little different.  This handmade oxford comes straight from the Mad Ant menswear line at Faithlyn Melvage Designs.

Wooden Wallet from Perfect 45 Degree

This beautiful wooden wallet from Perfect 45 Degree has been handmade from Oregon Claro Walnut with ebony accents.

45's Slim / Straight Cut Jeans from Denim & Spirits

Handcrafted in Nashville, these jeans from Denim & Spirits are custom made. You can even customize the pocket lining.  They are made from Cone Mills selvage denim that was produced in the United States.  Selvage denim is exceptionally durable.

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