Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How to Wear in Wednesday 4.6.16

It's time for April Showers!  Even if you are not fond of rain, this outfit will have you looking forward to rainy Spring days and the flowers that are sure to follow.

May Flowers Key Chain from Feath & Kee

These bright little flowers were an after thought for this key chain from our shop.  The wood came from a local church that was being remodeled.  I had burned the design, but felt there was something missing.  That is when the little pops of color were added.  They were done with acrylic paint, then the whole thing was sealed with clear acrylic for durability.

Seersucker Dress from Fabstract

Light and breezy, this 1950's style wrap dress from Fabstract is made from vintage fabric and features vintage buttons.

Spring Wreath from DyJo Designs

Bright and cheerful Forsythia blossoms are woven in with Boxwood and Weeping Willow greenery to make this lovely wreath from DyJo Designs.

Jennifer L Rubber Boot from Kamik

So this is kind of a first.  I am not paid or endorsed by the Kamik company, although I have heard of them. It wasn't until I was desperately searching for if not handmade, then at least ethically made rubber boots that I discovered that they are made in Canada as they have been from the beginning.  Most of their boots are also 100% recyclable, and made from a synthetic rubber (google rubber plantations). You can visit their site here to learn more about their process.

Seed Organizer from Picket Fence Crafts

One of the biggest things about Spring for me, is planting seeds that I have saved.  I love these seed organizers from Picket Fence Crafts. The chalkboard labels keep them versatile for use year after year.

Dutch Hair Pins from KisforCalligraphy

I recently cut my hair, which means - that it is in my face all. of. the. time.  That said, this cute pair of hair pins from KisforCalligraphy really caught my eye.  They are made from circa 1960, Dutch advertising pins.

Nest Necklace from MissKaite

From the Under A Mother's Wing collection, this pretty nest pendant from MissKaite also comes with an 18" two toned, gold chain.

That's it for this week!


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