Wednesday, April 20, 2016

How To Wear It Wednesday 4.20.16

Earth Day is Friday!  Most of the items that I feature in my how to wear it posts are already Earth friendly in some form or fashion.  This week's post is celebrating our beautiful home.

Jagged Leaf Earrings from Feath and Kee
Jagged Leaf Earrings from Feath & Kee

From our shop, this pair of wooden leaf earrings were made from recycled wood.  They are super lightweight.

Garden Marker from Vintage Garden Art

In case you forget...
This hand stamped plant marker will remind you!  It is made from an recycled vintage spoon.  Get it at Vintage Garden Art.

Small Leaf Purse from Tread Light Gear

Made from salvaged bull leather, this magical little bag from Tread Light Gear seems like something a forest nymph would carry.

Tie-Dye Skirt from Lucysroom

I love all of the different shades of green in this hand dyed, upcycled skirt from Lucysroom.

Seed Planting Kit from recycledideas

Bring the outdoors in with this seed planting kit from recycledideas.  They have a variety of different plants to choose from.

Vintage Wash T-Shirt from Boodle Boutique

The organic cotton from this shirt by Boodle Boutique was ethically sourced, and printed from screens that they made themselves.

Low Walnut Wedge Sandals from mohop

The soles for these sandals from mohop are made from sustainable sourced wood.  Each pair of shoes comes with five pairs of ribbons.  The ribbons, and the loops along the sides allow you to customize these on the fly depending on your mood and outfit.

Enamel Cuff from rebelocity

The gorgeous disc for this cuff from rebelocity was handmade by the artist by layering enamel over copper.  The end result reminds me of Earth.  It is attached to a leather cuff.

So that is it for this week! Don't forget to take a little extra (or a lot ) of time on Friday to celebrate this awesome place that we get to live on!

-- Jessica

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