Tuesday, April 26, 2016

How to Wear it Wednesday 4.27.16

Hello Wednesday! :) I hope that everyone is having a great week and enjoying Spring.  As happens every week, I have found some great items that I fell in love with.  Everything from this week's outfit is handmade and was found on Etsy.

reclaimed wood hat rack from Feath and Kee
Hat Rack from Feath & Kee

A recent addition to our shop, this hat rack was made from reclaimed oak that came from an old chair.  The hooks were hand forged from reclaimed metal.

Straw Trilby Hat from Silverhill Creative Millinery 

Since the item from our shop this week was a hat rack, I thought that this outfit definitely had to have a hat.  This handmade straw hat from Silverhill Creative Millinery is lightweight and perfect for the warmer months ahead.  The vintage grosgrain ribbon adds a feminine  touch to this one of a kind hat.

Double Bike Chain and Spoke Bracelet from Beach BMX Designs

This cool bangle bracelet from Beach BMX Designs is made from recycled bike parts. I love how the different tones of the metal pieces work together.

Tattered Swallow Dress from Brilliant Stranger

I always get excited learning something new (something I love about doing these weekly blog post). The major thing that I learned about this week,  is color grown cotton, courtesy of Brilliant Stranger and their lovely Swallow Dress.  It is handmade from eco-friendly fabrics.

Moonstone and Fossil Necklace from Carole's Art

Fifty million year old fossil.  Wow! The fossil is of a moth found on the Green River in Colorado.  It has been paired with a bronze Ginkgo leaf and moonstones. This beautiful necklace was created by Carole Weaks and you can find it at her shop carolesart.

Leather Boots from Ellen Ruben

This pair of handmade leather boots have a sort of elfin touch that I love.  They also have a whole wood heel that is just the right height. Get them at Ellen Ruben.

Eco Carryall from Ethical Life Store

This roomy tote from Ethical Life Store was made from cotton canvas fabric dyed with kakishbu extracts.  It has a black cotton lining and leather handles.

That is it for this week!

-- Jessica

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